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Keep up to date with all the latest treatments, technology and developments in the cosmetic surgery industry. From new non-surgical cosmetic procedures to innovative plastic surgery techniques, and tips to improve the final results, we’ve got all the information you need. So, check back regularly to be sure you don’t miss out!


We’re all guilty of taking shortcuts sometimes when it comes to our skin. It might be that you have run out of your ever faithful skincare product and not yet got round to replacing it, or it might be that you haven’t removed your makeup properly before going to bed. These things happen, but it’s… Read More »

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Be a smoothie this Summer

With bikini season fast approaching, the last thing we need is stubborn hair growth. Shaving and waxing are, for many people, the most common hair removal methods. But, with these methods causing irritation, dry patches and often ingrowing hairs, not to mention the fact that the hair grows back the next day… it’s time to… Read More »

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Our recommended pre-wedding treatments for bridal perfection

A bride’s natural beauty always shines through and radiates on her special day but a little bit of help from some non-invasive treatments will make you feel extra special and give you that confidence boost that you might be looking for.

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The Mother’s Day gift of all Mother’s Day gifts.

Looking for the perfect gift this mother’s day? Give the gift of luxury, something that mum is secretly hoping for. What better way to treat her than arranging the time for her to unwind, relax and refresh at our state of the art facility in rural Cheshire. There’s no better way to show your mum… Read More »

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More and more men are becoming increasingly focused on taking care of their skin and aesthetic procedures. Like women, men too want to refresh and rejuvenate and reverse the signs of ageing. That’s where we come in. Here at our private clinic in the heart of Cheshire, we offer a fantastic range of aesthetic treatments… Read More »

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Pregnancy and childbirth have a big effect on your body. Rapid weight gain then subsequent loss, months of your skin being stretched and then the childbirth itself. For many, diet and exercise alone won’t restore your pre-baby body, but don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Renovatio’s mummy make-over combines 4 incredible non-surgical treatments that will:… Read More »

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How to treat a double chin with NO surgery.

Even the fittest and healthiest of people can have a double chin. Many men and women feel the struggle and feel very self-conscious about it, and, of course they do. Your face is one of the first things that people notice, having a double chin can feel like an unwanted addition to the first impression…. Read More »

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A New Year with a New You… ThermiVA

Head into the New Year with a new you! I know, we haven’t even had Christmas yet, I hear you say, but here’s the thing… Childbirth stretches the muscles of your pelvic floor, the muscles that keep your bladder closed. Natural ageing and menopause also affect these muscles. Going for a run or just going… Read More »

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Renovatio Clinic – Official Launch Party

Last week marked a very special moment, our launch party for our beautiful Cosmetic Clinic.

The launch took place last Thursday evening at our stunning Cheshire barn, tucked away in the charming Cheshire countryside. The clinic was lit up in pops of colour to welcome our guests.

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Refresh Your Look With Zero Surgery – ThermiSmooth Face

At Renovatio we believe in always feeling and looking our best, which is why ThermiSmooth Face is so exciting. This is a great option for skin tightening without going under the knife, using radio frequency to help strengthen and thicken your skin to give you a brighter and more youthful look. What is ThermiSmooth Face?… Read More »

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