We offer FUE hair transplants to men and women at Renovatio clinic. The clinic is set in a beautiful discreet location near in Rostherne, Cheshire


Renovatio Clinic are now proud to offer a comprehensive range of hair transplant and hair restoration services.

Renovatio’s FUE Hair Clinic’s primary aim is to provide a natural looking hair transplant and hair restoration services to those patients who suffer from hair loss. As experts in the field of Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) we strive to be the number one choice clinic for hair restoration in Cheshire.

Hair transplant services we offer:

  • Hair Transplant Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE)
  • Hair Transplant Repairs and Revisions – If you are not entirely happy with a previous hair transplant procedure from another clinic, both from the UK and abroad, our team of hair transplant specialists can offer you options on how to revise your current hair transplant and give it a more natural appearance.
  • PRP – Platelet Rich Plasma – A non-surgical procedure for stimulating hair follicles by using the growth factors found naturally in the patient’s own blood.

How Does the Renovatio FUE Hair procedure Combat Hair Loss?

Why Consider A Cheshire Hair Transplant?

What Is a FUE Hair Transplant?

A few of our recent hair transplant patients

Hair Transplant Patient example 1
Hair Transplant Patient 2
Renovatio hair transplant

How much does a hair transplant cost?

We offer some of the lowest prices in Cheshire for hair transplants

Prices start from:


£2450 for up to 1000 grafts


£2950 for up to 1500 grafts


£3450 for up to 2000 grafts


£3950 for up to 2500 grafts



Results in patients vary so it is difficult to put any exact timeframe on this. However, typically full results can be seen over 12-18 months.

Pain thresholds vary from person to person. Once the transplant begins each patient will be injected with local anaesthetic around their donor & transplant area meaning they should feel little to no pain. In the hours and days after the treatment, we will recommend the best course of action should you feel and pain and discomfort. Don’t worry, this pain soon wears off.

YES it is! The results of a FUE Hair Transplant should last a lifetime.

Absolutely we do. This is something we pride ourselves on. Not only will one of the UK’s leading Hair Transplant Surgeons be performing the procedure on you, but you have the clinic on hand to answer any questions you need from us. We put together an aftercare package tailored to you.

What to expect


Hair Transplant

How Our Cheshire Hair Transplant Clinic Helps You

We are extremely passionate about helping our patients combat hair loss and have an industry leading surgeon who performs each transplant for our clients.

If you’re interested in learning more about the Cheshire hair transplant options we offer, please contact us today for an informal consultation.