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Our Clinic

The focus at the Renovatio is on patients’ interest health and wellbeing — this has always been embedded into the heart of our business.

Aside from our experienced team, Renovatio boasts cutting-edge cosmetic technology which is low-risk, tested and has a strong record of producing great results. Some of the technology and treatments we are able to offer are unique to us.

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Why Us

Here’s just a small sample of what we have to offer.

Our fantastic team comprises not only plastic surgeons, but aesthetic doctors, gynaecologists, obstetricians and therapists.

The credentialing of the Renovatio team has been earned through over decades of training, first-hand experience and personal development.

This multidisciplined team enables us to offer a wider range of procedures and services, whilst taking a holistic approach to your treatment.

Our ability at Renovatio to offer both non-surgical and surgical treatments ensures that our recommendations are unbiased, based on what suits you best, meets your needs and helps you to achieve your desired results.

From non-invasive liposuction (SculpSure) to laser skin revitalisation and hair removal, we have the expertise and technology to offer the latest in non-surgical procedures.

We also offer a range of surgical cosmetic procedures, MLD, and a high-quality skincare and facials service.

We utilise the most innovative technology in order to provide the latest in surgical and non-surgical treatments.

Devices such as Soprano Titanium and Morpheus8 help us to reduce risk, downtime, and the need for anaesthetic.

We are consistently testing and evaluating to improve our service.

As part of our holistic approach, Renovatio offers combination treatments.

Each treatment offered by at the Renovatio clinic has been researched extensively, focusing on the science behind them, to determine their effectiveness and relative level of risk. We focus on low-risk, minimally-invasive treatments which have a proven track record of providing effective results.

Working with you, we help you to restore your face and body to their best versions, rejuvenating and regenerating for the future.

The Renovatio clinic is located in a private setting in Rostherne, Cheshire.

Discretion and confidentiality are paramount to us. We, therefore, provide private waiting areas and all patient information is strictly confidential.

Accommodation can be arranged close to the clinic, on request, in a variety of prestigious and convenient hotels, such as the Mere. Private country houses or farms can also be hired.

We hope that you will come and visit us soon. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with the Renovatio clinic should you have any questions or queries about the clinic or our services.

There is ample parking available on site.

Get in touch today to arrange a consultation with our expert and friendly team.

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Why Choose Renovatio

Taking that first step to body rejuvenation, restoration and revitalisation can be a daunting one, but we’re here to make sure you’re as comfortable as possible before anything goes ahead. Complete the form to arrange a convenient date and time for your consultation.
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