Trim Healthy: Non-Surgical Weight Loss Service

Renovatio Seperator

A unique consultant led medical weight loss program combining the most up to date drug therapy alongside specialist nutrition and behavioral support for proven results. Providing personalized weight loss solutions for you.

At Renovatio, we offer a simple tailored, individualized approach for weight loss to empower you to achieve your health goals. Personalised packages are available to develop a holistic, achievable and sustainable long term health changes.


Most people are eligible to join the weight loss program although there are a few contraidications which would make some medications unsuitable.
Please speak with one of the team on, who will perform a full assessment to see if this program will work for you

What to Expect


The first step is a consultation with a doctor and dietitian and a panel of blood tests to help determine your eligibility for the programme and assess your baseline metabolic profile. This will be followed by a discussion with you about which weight loss programme would be best suited for you.

Medication Options

Choose from treatment options. Your weight loss target and your budget may influence your choice. We are happy to discuss with you the most appropriate regimen for your weight loss target.

Advice and dietary assessment from a registered dietitian

During the first 6 weeks of your medication course, our support will be at its most intensive, combining nutritional, fitness and behaviour modules to help you fully ingrain new behaviours and eating habits. We also work closely with a clinical psychologist experienced in weight management and a referral to her can be arranged.

Ongoing Advice

We provide ongoing telephone support from our expert team for as long as you need it. When you’ve achieved your weight loss target, you may wish to stop but many prefer to carry on with a low dose of the medication to continue to benefit from the appetite control and to maintain their weight.

What weight reducing medication do we use?

Our programme combines a choice of weight loss medications with different modes of action to suite your specific needs. Examples of some of these medications are:


Saxenda acts on the appetite receptors in the brain to make you feel full after eating a small amount. With a simple daily injection that you can do at home (after a training session and dosage assessment ). The medication suppresses your appetite and keeps you feeling full and satisfied on smaller portion sizes. Results vary by individual and cannot be guaranteed but clinical studies show over 90% of patients can expect to lose weight, and weight loss can range up to 25% of starting body weight in the most successful patients.


Mysimba is a combination of two medicines which has been developed to help people who want to lose weight. Mysimba contains two medicines: naltrexone and bupropion. Both medicines work in the reward pathways of the brain to take away hunger and cravings for food. Buproprion helps to reduce appetite, and naltrexone is thought to curb cravings


Orlistat or Xenical inhibits the enzyme that helps us digest and therefore absorb fat. It therefore reduces the amount of calorie intake.

The above drugs work better if used as part of a diet and exercise programme.