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Renovatio Seperator

A sensitive area of the body which many people are conscious of, our treatments range from labia restoration to blemish excision.


The most common gynaecological rejuvenation treatment is a labioplasty, which reduces the length of the labia minora. Many women opt for this procedure due to pain or discomfort in the area, or a desire to have a smaller labia.

Fat Transfer to Labia

Loss of volume in the labia majora can be due to ageing or loss of weight for example. We can graft fat from another area of the body to restore the volume of the labia majora.

Blemish Excision

If you have a blemish or lesion in your labia area that you have always been conscious of, help is at hand with the Renovatio team. Removal of the blemish can be performed under local anaesthetic.

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