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From wrinkle-reducing injections and fillers, to laser skin rejuvenation, Renovatio is here to help you restore your natural beauty. The Renovatio team of cosmetic specialists is fully equipped to provide impartial, measured recommendations on the best treatments for your skin, body type and situation. Please select a treatment for more information.

Non-Surgical Treatments

Renovatio offers non-surgical treatments. Our state-of-the-art facility provides SculpSure body contouring and ThermiSmooth face and body applications, many of which are exclusive to us in Cheshire and Greater Manchester.

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Surgical Treatments

We offer a wide range of cosmetic surgical procedures for the body and skin, from simple to complex. Local anaesthetic procedures are performed in our state-of-the-art facility. Procedures requiring general anaesthetic will be performed in one of the Private Hospitals in the Cheshire and Greater Manchester region. Each treatment is reviewed with a detailed consultation, to discuss benefits and potential risks with you.

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Swelling & Lymph Drainage (MLD)

Renovatio has partnered with Justine Asghar, an MLD therapist with extensive experience, to offer manual lymphatic drainage services. This procedure has a multitude of benefits.

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Skincare Range & Facials

Natural beauty starts with great skin. Beautiful skin is smooth, soft, even-toned, firm and supple. It is the foundation for any cosmetic treatment or procedure. Renovatio’s team have the dermatological expertise to restore and revive your skin, for a youthful, glowing appearance.

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Procedures & Treatments Pricing Guide

The Renovatio experience offers a wide range of cosmetic, non-surgical and minimally invasive and surgical procedures, from laser hair removal, to complex procedures. We offer a competitive pricing structure, all year round, to ensure you get the best possible value for money .

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Trim Healthy: Non-Surgical Weight Loss Service

A unique consultant led medical weight loss program combining the most up to date drug therapy alongside specialist nutrition and behavioral support for proven results. Providing personalized weight loss solutions for you.

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