Cynosure Inc is a world leader in manufacturing safe, effective aesthetic laser technologies.

Its wide-range of products are designed to enable physicians and cosmetic industry professionals to offer patients non-invasive alternatives to traditional surgical procedures, such as liposuction.

One such product is SculpSure…

If you really don’t love your love handles, but don’t like the thought of going under the knife, SculpSure might be the perfect solution for you.

A light-based treatment which makes non-invasive liposuction possible, it targets stubborn fat without the need for surgery.

Some of the many of benefits of SculpSure are:

  • It’s fast – 25 minutes
  • Safe (FDA approved)
  • Precise – the device is used to target specific areas
  • Effective – permanently destroys up to 24% of treated fat
  • Largely pain-free
  • No downtime

SculpSure is available at Renovatio, please contact the clinic, for further information.

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