Procedures and Treatments Pricing Structure

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The Renovatio experience offers a wide range of cosmetic, non-surgical and minimally invasive and surgical procedures, from laser hair removal, to complex procedures. We offer a competitive treatments pricing structure, all year round, to ensure you get the best possible value for money

Renovatio is dedicated to providing the best possible service to each and every patient. Our Cheshire facility uses state-of-the-art technology and cutting-edge techniques for every treatment, some of which are unique to us in the North West. Our patients come from all over the UK to get the Renovatio experience.

This commitment to excellence is reflected in our treatments pricing structure.

We understand that, for some people, undergoing cosmetic surgery could be a once in a lifetime experience to correct an imperfection or scarring from cancer treatment or childbirth, to restore their natural beauty. For others, procedures can be part of their overall health and beauty regimen. Therefore, Renovatio caters to a wide range of budgets.

Prior to each procedure there will be a detailed consultation, giving you full details of the treatment. The benefits and any possible side effects with be thoroughly discussed.

Although Renovatio is based in an exclusive area of Cheshire and boasts some of the top experts in the field of cosmetic surgery and non-invasive procedure, our treatments are offered at competitive costs, all year round:

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Non - Surgical Treatments

  • One area from £149
  • Two areas from £249
  • Three areas from £299
  • Gummy smile treatment (gum lift) from £149
  • Platysmal Band Neck Treatment from £395
  • Hyperhidrosis (under arms) from £495
  • Start from £219 per syringe
  • Lip fillers start from £219
  • Non-surgical/medical rhinoplasty (nose job): from £495
  • Tear trough from £450
  • Small Areas from £49
  • Lip from £79
  • Chin from £79
  • Underarms from £79
  • Bikini from £99
  • Bikini High Leg from £129
  • Brazilian from £149
  • Hollywood from £179
  • Chest from £199
  • Back from £199
  • Half leg from £149
  • Full leg from £199
  • Arms from £109
  • Lower Arms from £99

Courses are available. Please discuss during consultation or alternatively call our reception for further details.

  • Skin revitalisation (ThreeForMe) from £349
  • Rosacea/Pigment treatment from £249
  • Stretch marks treatment from £199
  • Scars treatment from £179
  • Acne scars treatment from £199
  • Thread veins treatment from £125
  • Starting from £180

Surgical Treatments

  • One treatment area (face, or neck, or hands) from £425
  • 3 PRP treatment package from £1145
  • Hair Restoration PRP from £495
  • 3 Hair Restoration treatments from £1,337
  • Renovatio peel from £95
  • Renovatio facial from £120
  • Renovatio facial and Dermalux LED phototherapy from £155
  • Renovatio signature facial from £250
  • Dermalux Phototherapy LED from £55
  • Skin lesions removal (Histology service available non-profit from £90 per lesion)
  • Skin tag removal from £250
  • Mole removal from £350
  • Cyst removal from £425
  • Lipoma (fatty lump) removal from £425
  • Blemish excision from £350
  • Scar revision from £695
  • Tattoo excision from £625
  • Inverted nipple correction from £650
  • Split Earlobe Correction – from £625
If you need any further price information, please don’t hesitate to contact the Renovatio clinic.

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Procedures and Treatments Pricing Structure

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