A bride’s natural beauty always shines through and radiates on her special day but a little bit of help from some non-invasive treatments will make you feel extra special and give you that confidence boost that you might be looking for.

A bride’s natural beauty always shines through and radiates on her special day but a little bit of help from some non-invasive treatments will make you feel extra special and give you that confidence boost that you might be looking for.

If there’s one day in your life that you want your skin to be smooth, radiant and clear, it’s your wedding day. If there’s one time in your life that you’re going to feel a little stressed, it’ll be the months leading up to that all important day.

Skin problems like acne, flare-ups, lines, wrinkles and dark circles under the eyes are often the tell-tail signs that we are sleep deprived and in need of a little TLC, and that’s why we recommend you come to see us and plan your beauty treatments at least 6 months before the big day.

At Renovatio, we have an incredible range of treatments performed by our dedicated medical and aesthetic experts that will have you aisle ready and feeling amazing.


Flawless, radiant skin ready for ‘all eyes on you’ is easily achievable with the Renovatio Facial. Three incredible treatments brought together to create the ultimate facial.

Using a combination of ZO Skincare and peel, Thermismooth and Dermalux LED phototherapy, our Signature Facial will leave the bride feeling refreshed and revitalised with super smooth, radiant skin.

*If you have any concerns with your skin, speak to our team and they will target your problem areas when doing your facial.


Our Renovatio peel facial will remove the top layer of dead skin cells and encourage the growth of new ones, revealing the smoother, softer skin that is beneath.

The Renovatio peel has many benefits, including:
– Hydrated and Nourished skin
– Even skin tone
– It will stimulate the production of collagen for youthful looking skin
– Rejuvenated and brighter skin
– It will reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.


Our Thermismooth, non-surgical face treatment is an incredible treatment exclusive to is here in Cheshire. Using radio frequency to strengthen and thicken your skin, the Thermismooth Face treatment will target fine lines and wrinkles, leaving skin looking brighter and more youthful.
From £150


With dress shopping well underway, make sure that you opt for the dress of your dreams. Don’t be trying to fit into a dress that doesn’t fit, in the hope that you will drop and dress size or two in the run-up to the big day. Instead, buy the dress that looks and feels amazing and we’ll take care of the rest. Our Thermismooth body treatment will smooth out those lumps and bumps, targeting the areas under your skin to leave you smoother, body confident and dress ready.
From £150


The amazing Sculpsure treatment will get rid of any stubborn fat and tone your body so it looks how you want it to. This incredible treatment targets specific areas (Thighs, buttocks, chin, arms, abdomen…. to name a few) and permanently destroys up to 24% of treated fat.

We are currently the ONLY clinic in Cheshire and Greater Manchester to offer this treatment, in case we haven’t told you already.
From £250


Anti-wrinkle injections and cosmetic fillers are the perfect way to treat the natural signs of ageing such as wrinkles, crows feet and frown lines.
Wedding photos? Hello! Anti-wrinkle injections will correct facial lines and improve the appearance of wrinkles. Excessive sweating? No sweat! Anti-wrinkle injections can be used to treat this condition and allow you to be worry-free. Fillers and injections will effectively reverse the signs of ageing leaving you all smiles on your big day.
From £149


Feel fresh-faced on your big day with the ThreeForMe laser treatment. Say goodbye to sun damage, lines, wrinkles and dull and tired skin and hello to brighter skin, it’s your day to shine after all.
From £349


The last thing you want to be thinking about on your big day is shaving your legs, underarm area or bikini line. Plan ahead and book in for a laser hair removal treatment here at the clinic. Using the amazing Cynosure Elite + Machine, we will remove your unwanted body hair, leaving you silky smooth and with no ingrowing hairs.

Laser hair removal can be performed on many areas of the body including:
Upper Lip
Face and neck

Tailored courses are available but individual prices start from £49.


For the bride seeking to smooth out wrinkles or enhance facial features for her big day, Dermal fillers are the way to go. Renovatio’s range of fillers can make you feel refreshed and rejuvenated by redefining the shape of your lips or nose, smoothing out the skin on your neck, chest and hands, or alleviating tired eyes.
Prices start from £219.

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